Monday, December 22, 2008

What? I have a blog?

I think this whole remembering to blog thing will be on my New Year's resolution list. I have several important things to tell both of you.

  1. It is very cold in this Chicago place. Also, Kenny and I are brilliant. We decided to wait until yesterday to dig our car out of considerable ice and snow. It was 4 degrees below zero while we did this.
  2. Leroy expressed his undying love for Jack today. He gave Jack a thorough bath. Licked the inside of both ears thoroughly and then moved onto the nether regions. Jack seemed to either not mind it or enjoy it. Either way, it's a victory in Jack-Leroy relations.
  3. In other news and evidence of our high intelligence--it did not snow today or yesterday. We are opting to drive to St. Louis tomorrow night during the snow and ice storm.
  4. Happy Hannukah or Hanukkah or Chanukkah. The burning candles are among the few items keeping us not completely frozen. If only it were not merely the second night.
  5. Kenny has both of the puppies right now. This is in clear violation of the rules attached to the thermostat agreement the cheap bastard drew up a few weeks ago. I still love him.
  6. Monday night football is a crappy way to squeeze more unwanted football into my life.
  7. I really don't mind cleaning up puppy feces as much as I feel like I should.
  8. I might have to go see two movies on Christmas day in allegiance to both Brad and Jen.
  9. Numbers are an excuse to not have to come up with cohesive thoughts or segues.
Kiss kiss.


Julie said...

the cold. it's soul-stealing. agreed.

Kenton said...

cheap bastard?

Lindsey said...

No post about hating united airlines adn how they stole me from you? I hope that doesn't mean I have to post at it, cuz I suck at posting even more than you!