Friday, April 3, 2009

Important things.

  1. We are buying a HOME. I’m pretty sure anybody who reads this blog (by the way, MS Word is way behind the times as it believes “blog” to not be a word) already knows this, but I can’t just not mention it because it is currently consuming my life. It’s a condo in Uptown which is near the lake, the train, and as the real estate ads always mention—a Borders and one day a Target. I lived near a coming Target for two years. That Target promptly arrived two years after I moved out of the neighborhood. I spend 3 out of every 4 hours awake thinking about what colors I shall paint it. Kenny must hate me because he waited until last night to tell me about this website. In retribution I plan to drag him to no fewer than 9 stores this weekend in search of the perfect bedspread.
  2. I’m finally Excedrin broken. I always feared this day would come. I would sometimes cry when I imagined what it would be like. I get a lot of headaches—probably 10 a month. I’ve always treated Excedrin with the restraint and respect it deserved. For my last 5 or so headaches it’s been deadening them halfway and then allowing them to come back in full force. Life as I know it may be over.

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