Thursday, September 10, 2009

If I am getting dumber, is fetus getting smarter?

Kenny can never find anything, ever. He usually spends 10 minutes looking for something, I finally ask him what he is looking for and go straight to it when he tells me. I’ve lost that ability completely in recent weeks. Basically, anything requiring a charger can no longer be used in our home. There might have been pictures to go with this post today, but that would mean somebody in our house was capable of remembering where we left the cord to connect it to the computer.

A couple of weeks ago I texted my friend, Melissa, to let her know I was running late for our brunch date. Kenny and I had tried to sneak in a trip to the paint store before the brunch and I left him at the curb with 4 cans of paint and raced over to the restaurant. I didn’t see Melissa anywhere when I got there. I sat down in the waiting area and wondered if I was a half hour off in my time or something. While waiting I realized that it was the 9th which meant that the day before had been the 8th and I had completely forgotten to call my friend Lindsey to wish her a happy birthday. Lindsey is a mutual friend of Melissa’s and mine and she thought it weird that I had a date with Melissa since she was pretty sure she was in Maine. I called Kenny and had him look it up in my Google Calendar. Not only did I have the wrong time, I also had the wrong week. I went home and vomited since I’d messed up my eating time so badly with the imaginary brunch date I had created for the day.

My coworker asked me to schedule 6 calls for her with some people on the West coast. I did that and was careful to be mindful of the time difference as I did so. I even looked things up to make sure I was right about it being a 2 hour time difference. I kept making sure that the times would not require my coworker to be here too early. They would suggest 10:00 and I would try to move it so as to not require her to be here at 8:00. Did this through SIX phone calls. I realized the error today when somebody called her to confirm and the time I had set was, oh—4 hours off since I had gone 2 hours in the wrong direction.

I miss my brain.

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Julie said...

that's what happens when you're thinking for two!