Monday, February 8, 2010

A brief tour

There is much evidence of approaching babyness around our bedroom. Note the elephant humidifier purchased for baby's room that may never actually end up in baby's room.

And here's a picture of the headboard we finally finished. This is a project that had been on our to do list for months and really ought to have triggered labor upon its completion. Our bed looks kind of gaudy here, but I don't think the colors look this way in person. I hope not at least.

This is where baby will sleep (courtesy of Kenny's cousin) in the beginning.

This is Kenny testing the new glider with our usual stand-in baby.

And these are our bags packed for the hospital. Items range from pillows to electronics, powdered gatorade and tennis balls. It's kind of a hard trip to pack for, you know?

And this was the belly at 38 weeks. See? Plenty big enough for a fully grown baby to come out of it right NOW.


Kenny said...

baby. baby. Come out, come out! Football is over, i got some time on my hands.

Mary said...

Football should never get in the way of your child, except for the Packers, just kidding Emo!! But I agree come out NOW!!