Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Six things

1. I am back at work half time mostly from home--but I have to go into the office one day a week. I went in for the first full day last Wednesday. Let's just say I have one more thing to add to the very short list of things that can make me cry.

2. Pumping at work is no picnic. Until I figure out a better system, I currently have to go get a key for the storage room, sit on the floor next to the door in the storage room, assemble the various parts of the pump, look at a picture of Eli and pump for 15 minutes, disassemble the pump, get dressed, return the key, put the milk in the fridge and remember what I was doing before I dropped everything. I do this three times a day.

3. We went to St. Louis this weekend. We can add 5-hour car rides to the very long list of things that can make Eli cry.

4. It's not so hard to fit 2 puppies, 2 adults, and a baby in the car after all.

5. We saw three other babies while we were at my in-laws' house this weekend. Turns out we have a fussy baby. We had no idea until we saw how chill the other babies were. Who knew? He sure is cute though.

6. Baby runs hot like his Daddy. He got overheated three times this weekend and had to be stripped down and covered in wet wash rags.

7. It might be easier to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes if I could stop eating cake. I made a very yummy cake though.


Megan Langford said...

On #6 -- how did you know Eli was overheated? We are never sure if Milo is too warm. Being too cold is easier to diagnose, but too warm? How can you tell?

Megan Langford said...

Also, that is seven things. Creative entry titling, I like it. :-)

Emoly said...

He turns red, sweats through his clothes and is warm to the touch. It usually happens while he is screaming so it's hard to tell if he's hot because he's screaming or screaming because he's hot.

And oops, I think I titled it before I added the seventh.

Lindsay said...

Sounds like your pumping situation sucks! But good for you for sticking with it. :)