Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How Chicago is gonna make me fat

  1. Stuffed french toast. A diner near our house serves a special french toast. A french toast stuffed with CHEESECAKE filling. You kind of have to split it with somebody or I have a feeling the waitresses would scold you.
  2. Nachos. We had to go to a bar before we had internet at the house because Kenny was having a Lost meltdown. Our first unsuccessful cable appointment was on a Thursday and was supposed to work out perfectly so that we could watch the previous week's show before that night. Instead, we headed to a bar that had free wireless. We ordered our standard $2 PBRs and the waitress asked if we would like some nachos. They were on special for $5. A few minutes later we ordered them and she asked the awe inspiring question, "Do you want those with chips or WAFFLE FRIES?"
  3. Fried mac n cheese bites. We were at a bar celebrating some friends' birthdays. The kitchen was about to close. I had two minutes to get my order in. I opened the menu and immediately saw them. They were as good as they seem like they would be and they came with ranch for dipping. This is something I had missed about the Midwest. Everything comes with ranch and if it doesn't, nobody looks at you funny for asking for some.


Megan Langford said...

mmmm, ranch... Now I remember why I live in the Midwest.

julie said...

you def need to tell us where these tasty mac n cheese bites come from!!