Friday, May 16, 2008

The mis-relocation of our stuff

If a goal of moving is to downsize, we achieved that...however inadvertently. We decided to rent space on a big moving truck so that we wouldn't have to worry about gas and towing our car and all sorts of perfectly logical reasons. We got a great rainy day for the load and stacked boxes at least eight high in the really tall truck. Twine, twine, everywhere there was twine. For the Chicago unload, we had 2 hours. Thanks to our friend Jim, we got it done in time. Of course we saved time in the unload because we didn't have to carry our broken furniture to the apartment. I'd say a good quarter of the boxes jingled with the sound of broken glass. And you'd think plastic boxes would hold up better than cardboard. Really not the case. I believe there was a stack of four collapsed into each other.

Some of the things that broke in the move:
Tv stand/cabinet thing
expensive wedding gift I don't even want to mention
2 red wine glasses
2 brandy snifters
1 large white plate
1 brown bowl
2 juice glasses
1 large water glass
1 brown loaf pan
1 brown mug
a host of plastic boxes

And then all of our other stuff is just scratched, cracked, our dented. It's for the best. Puts things into perspective. Our stuff is just stuff. And some of our stuff is in the landfill now.

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