Sunday, January 3, 2010

All kinds of busy

I would have posted earlier, but I've been busy spending lots of time sitting on couches. We went to Kansas City for Christmas. There were showers, there were Christmases and there was lots and lots of snow. There was a blizzard that kept us locked up in my mom's house for about 3 days.

Since we've been back the dogs have been doing an extraordinary amount of sleeping and cuddling. I think they miss Grandma's thermostat setting.

We had a pretty low key New Year's. We did toy with the idea of opening the is-the-baby-a-boy-or-girl envelope at midnight. Leroy is apparently all about surprises though because he came and stole it away from us.

While just now trying to find a position where baby's feet weren't directly kicking me in the ribs, I had the uncomfortable realization that baby will possibly double in size before this is all over. Kenny was feeling my tummy last night and finally moved his hand away because he said it was freaking him out how much it was kicking.

This is me at 32 weeks, snowed in at mama's house over Christmas.

And this is me the day after we got back at 33 weeks. Between weeks 27 and 31 I hadn't gained any weight. Luckily 4 Christmases of eating and about a week of sitting on my tush got me all caught up.


Mary said...

Thanks for posting, make me SOOOOO happy!!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for saving the surprise, Leroy!