Wednesday, January 20, 2010

T-27 days, give or take

So, here we are. 36 weeks. I’ve been busy at work trying to wrap up projects or find them new owners. At home, we’ve been busy finishing up projects as well. Last night at dinner, Kenny said, in all seriousness, “We need to restock the spice drawer before the baby comes.” Apparently we will no longer be able to go to the grocery store after the baby is born. I think we’re going to need a bigger pantry. Also, the baby is going to be very disappointed if he or she shows up and we have no thyme or ground mustard.

Sleeping, dressing, and eating have all become great challenges. Earlier this week I lost the ability to sleep on my right side. Sleeping on my back is supposed to be bad for circulation or something. Thus, I am left with sleeping on my left side. That’s really not enough to work with.As far as dressing goes, I’m either sick of, have spilled on, or no longer fit into the grand majority of my maternity clothes. And I’m certainly not going to do anything about it at this point. Today’s picture will actually be from 36 weeks and 1 day because the pictures that resulted from yesterday’s photo session are just too frightening. I was wearing a dress which made it appear that the belly had no end and those pictures will never again see the light of day. And eating?Well eating is just a constant experiment. If I eat the wrong thing or too much of it or not soon enough or too late I suffer.

I toured my first daycare yesterday. It seemed like a decent place and they have a spot available, so it’s nice to know that hopefully baby will not have to come hide in my cube when I go back to work—though I think that might be fun for all involved. We have a couple of other options to look at as well, so I am feeling much better about all of that. I am feeling dangerously close to..."ready."

For some reason, it appears I was wearing a zombie mask this morning. I'm fresh out of cute. Oh, and I get my hair cut tomorrow. Do any of you have any fabulous ideas for that?


Kenton said...

No mom cut. Its all I ask.

Mary said...

How ever you cute it , will be great. I want to know what a Mom cute is, and why that is bad? I was thinking of packing a bag too, just kidding.