Saturday, September 4, 2010

The next 8 years.

Eight years ago this evening I was on a first date with the love of my life.  Over the last eight years, we have (in no particular order)
  1. Graduated from college.
  2. Moved to Washington, DC.
  3. Survived my going to grad school.
  4. Had our first and second and maybe even third real jobs.
  5. Traveled to Las Vegas, Chicago, NYC, Philly, Costa Rica, Spain, Williamsburg, Breckenridge, and Portland.
  6. Gotten married.
  7. Taken planes, trains, buses, and automobiles to Kansas City and St. Louis one million times.
  8. Adopted Jack.
  9. Moved to Chicago.
  10. Adopted Leroy.
  11. Bought a loft and a condo.
  12. Evicted a tenant.
  13. Had a baby!
  14. Lost two of my grandparents.
  15. Seen Megan and Andrew, Carri and Derek, Sutton and John, Amy and Patrick, and Lindsey and TJ get married.
  16. Hosted six seders.
  17. Consumed approximately 500 bottles of wine.
To celebrate the occasion, we went out for Chinese and are now sipping on a bottle of pinot we brought back from Oregon and contemplating the next eight years.  Do you know that we will have a second grader eight years from now?  I've decided we should make a list of things we want to do in the next eight years, and so that we won't lose that list--we're putting it here on the interweb.  Maybe it will make us more accountable too.  During the next eight years, let's
  1. Take (swing) dance lessons.
  2. Travel to the south of France.
  3. Take Eli to a water park.
  4. Have another baby.
  5. Start canning.
  6. Make cheese.
  7. Remodel two bathrooms.
  8. At least one of us get their dream job.
  9. Take Eli to the Magic House and Grant's Farm in St. Louis.
  10. Take Eli to Kaleidoscope in KC.
  11. Go on a weekend getaway leaving munchkin(s) with a grandparent.
  12. Make friends with people who own a boat.
  13. Sell a loft and a condo.
Anything critical you think we're forgetting here?  The list is open for suggestions.


Amy said...

I want in on the cheesemongering!

Megan Langford said...

I think perhaps that "move to Kansas City" should go on your list for the next eight years. In fact, I'm pretty certain of this.

Mary said...

I vote for St. Louis!! We will take Eli any time you want to go away! I am so happy that Kenny found the love of his life too!

Judy said...

Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here we come. They have some crazy lovin grandparents there and were going to get with some

kater said...

What about visiting us in Switzerland? You know we are only hours from the South of France! :-) Enjoy your next 8 years! You two are the perfect pair! Bisous, Kate