Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Redefining okay

As is the case with many monkeys of his age, Eli likes to put anything and everything into his mouth.  As the weeks go by, we find ourselves adopting a more and more lax attitude about what is and is not okay for him to suck on.  Kenny dropped Eli off with me at work over lunch today so that he could run a not-baby-friendly errand.  I was just telling him how Eli grabbed several things off my desk and put them directly into his mouth.   Some coworkers brought over toys for him to play with, and they of course had the same fate.  We feel a bit conflicted--we should probably not let him do that, right?  We should protect him from germs and whatnot?  His contact with germs just seems so inevitable.  Kenny and I both agreed that we do have some standards.  We're not letting him near feces or meat juices.  Ah, parenting.


Amy said...

You beat me to it. I was going to make a short list of things that really shouldn't go into Eli's mouth, and they were 1) raw meat, 2) dog poop and 3) the nozzle of the Windex bottle. I think literally anything else is fair game. My grandpa used to wash my face by letting his Husky lick it, and I turned out fine.

Emoly said...

Oh right, good call on the Windex bottle. Poison! He's not allowed to have poison either.

Amy said...

At Girl Scout camp in elementary school, girls used to use washed-out Windex bottles for drinking water. Ew times 100.