Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Great Break-In 2008

Kenny brings me an apple with a bite taken out of it yesterday. He asks me if I am responsible. Of course I am not. Who would do that--take a bit of an apple and then put it back in the fruit bowl? I am ticked off that he is accusing me and then I quickly freak out at the realization we must have mice. Kenny goes back into the kitchen and I see him looking at a little bowl. The little bowl used to have almonds in it. It had been sitting next to the window and near the fruit bowl. It is now empty except for a few shavings of almond skin. "Well it's not a mouse," Kenny yells to me. You see, he found this.

A squirrel had scaled the wall to our second floor window and gnawed through the screen so he could break in and steal our nuts. He was doing nothing to help squirrel stereotypes. We think Jack caught him in the act and scared him back out the window.


Megan Langford said...

Ewww, I can't believe you had a squirrel! I kind of hate squirrels. Probably because they do things like chew through screens to eat almonds. You should totally set a trap for it, then take a picture. For no particular reason.

Julie said...

hehehe. Molly would have had a field day with that!