Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In which she still fails to really post

Kenny just informed me that the cookie dough I made and fed to him gave him a tummy ache. I'm a little worried about the cookie dough because I think the eggs I made it with are old. I made cookie dough and not actual cookies beacuse I thought the cookie sheets would be too many dishes.I hope I didn't give us salmonella or rotten egg disease or anything. Enough about the cookies though. What I really wanted to say is that I want to write about my awesome weekend visiting with my friends. I also wanted to talk about my new job and how it's seriously kicking my ass this week. But all I can think of is whiney and incoherent. I've been working hard labor eights and also commuting about an hour each way. The mapquest directions say 30 minutes, but really it's an hour or so. I failed to meet up with friends last night and also tonight. I do like the new job though. Oh, and another thing--my mom told me tonight that she likes Sarah Palin. This is to be expected and troubling on a variety of levels. She likes her glasses. My brain will work again soon and I hope to write a real entry then.

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Julie said...

my mom likes Sarah Palin too. There's something very first-wave feminist about this- like ANY woman is better than a man.