Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On my day off

The Sunday before last I started my new job as a professional organizer. While I went off and got degrees in other things, this is something I've always enjoyed doing. It nice to enjoy your work I think. The work has been exhausting so far, but thoroughly rewarding. I worked at one job from Sunday until Thursday. Thursday on my way home I went on a mission to find new hangers and a storage solution for our guest room. So yes, on my day off from organizing I decided I absolutely had to reorganize my closet. You just can't make other people's homes look nice all day and then come home to this:

And then it had to get worse before it got better:

And finally, ah...

...all better. And then I couldn't stop there. I had a physical need to clean out the guest room and the storage space downstairs and oh my drawers. So that was our weekend. Sorry Kenny! I'm gonna wait until tomorrow to clean out the linen closet.

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