Friday, October 9, 2009

Fish baby

There's not a lot of story here, but I felt this should be documented and such. I just realized I’ve never discussed the kicking and poking that’s being going on for quite some time. Before any official kicks or pokes, I could feel motion when I put my hand on my belly and sat quietly and still. It felt like there was something swimming in there. I put my hand on Kenny's belly to make sure that I wasn't just feeling normal organ stuff. Kenny thought I was making stuff up and imagining things or at least that's what his facial expression said he thought whenever I mentioned this phenomenon.

September 2nd, Fetus gave its first real tap, tap, tap that I noticed/felt. It sort of felt like somebody flicking me with their thumb and pointer finger—but in a pretty light way. It happened a couple of more times that day and then I didn’t feel it very much for the next several days. That was just cruel really. I was telling Kenny every time I felt the baby kick but stopped because I decided he wasn't acting excited enough. I did tell our friend Kyle who requested that I tell him and reacted as if he were being given candy every time I told him.

In the past couple weeks the movements have become more and more pronounced (as one would predict what with it growing bigger and all). Kenny finnnalllly felt one from the outside the other night. He’s been very eager to feel it but impatient. Fetus would usually kick a few seconds after he removed his hand. I feel things the most when I am sitting at my desk at work, particularly if I am smushing him/her by sitting too close to my desk. I like to think of the kicks as my reward for sitting still--not that I really needed any additional encouragement on that front. Fetus also seems to be most active around meal time. Clearly this baby is a Kodner.

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Susan J. said...

I love your "fetus" stories. I hope that soon, "fetus" will take on a known gender (known to you and the rest of us)---so the real shopping can begin for our grandbaby's best friend.