Friday, October 30, 2009

My last two weeks, the Cliff's Notes version

I spent a good many hours enjoying this view last weekend. This is the view from Kenny’s sister Robin’s cabin in San Juan Island (near Seattle). The island was just full of beautiful—hills, moss, Puget Sound, lots of trees, a view of Canada. If you walk down the hill from where this picture was taken you come to a cliff overlooking the water and where there are sometimes whales swimming by. Sunday morning we went to a pumpkin carving brunch at an equally beautiful wooded area near an adorable cabin.

My pumpkin is the one on the left that says BOO. It also has a sadly misshapen witch's hat on the left side out of view. Robin carved the next two. Our friend Carri who lives in Seattle and joined us for the island adventure made the cyclops. Kenny made the roboty one, and Robin's boyfriend, Jason, made the horned fellow on the right. I love Halloween, but this will probably be the extent of our Halloween celebrating for the year. Lame.

We spent the last two days of our trip in Seattle. We were going to stay with Carri and her husband Derek, but Derek had to go and get the flu or some such illness. Apparently asthmatic pregnany ladies should avoid getting the flu and other such illnesses, so we stayed at Robin's Seattle studio for one night and a hotel for the last.

This is of course the belly at 24 weeks + the Public Market + Puget Sound. Apparently I am just going to keep getting bigger. Our hotel was hilarious. It had black hallways and giant black and white pictures of rockstars on the doors. It also had a pillow menu. I dialed zero and requested a body pillow. Will now have to buy a body pillow for home use and hope there is still room for Kenny in the bed in addition to me, my belly, the pillow, and two dogs who sleep attached to me.

And last, but not least or even chronologically last, a report on the 2009 3Ms conference:
We all enjoyed milkshakes when they arrived last Friday night. Saturday we bravely headed to Ikea. Something like 5 hours later, we emerged. Megan bought herself a nursery (pictured below in the 4 big boxes at the right. The cart is also hers. Did I mention she flew to Chicago? Molly wins the Ikea restraint contest. She is holding her one purchase. Kenny and I are responsible for the cart on the right. We (read Kenny) somehow fit all of this and 4 people (plus 2 half people) into our Corolla.

When we got back from Seattle, etc. there was a large box waiting for us in the foyer. The crib we ordered from Target a few days earlier (the one that said it would take several weeks to be delivered) had arrived. I am now pretty convinced we are having a baby because there is now a bed in our house just for it. Feels kind of like it did when we bought a crate before we got a puppy. The boxed up crib is living for now along side Megan's boxed up nursery furniture in our guest room. Sorry Kenny's parents who are coming to stay in that room this weekend!
I guess I never finished discussing the rest of the 3M weekend, but now that I've already come back to present tense, it seems confusing to do so. Have a good Halloween!

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Molly said...

Fun post. Looks like you had great weather in Washington. And I think restraint is relative. I did buy an $11 heart pillow with hands...