Tuesday, October 6, 2009


About a month before this whole pregnancy thing started, we bought a condo. Between our travels and having visitors in town over the summer, we've been trying to sneak in bits of home improving/nesting. Our first step was to buy furniture. I've shown you our dining room table before. My coworker's antique dealing boyfriend found these lovely chairs for us on Ebay.

The seats were last covered during Thanksgiving weekend in 1983. I know this because the people that did it dated and signed their work. The frabric isn't really our style. After at least 6 trips to fabric stores and several hours of looking for fabric online, I was sitting in the car with Kenny before going into Jo-Ann this weekend. I told him, "Let's pretend this is the only fabric store left on earth and we have to pick something out here." I needed to move on with my life. We picked out a fabric that is marketed for outerwear. Kenny is in charge of the recovering process because he is better at this sort of detail, patience-requiring work than I am. The first chair only took him about an hour:

Because he's taking over my TV to watch the Cardinals in the playoffs this week, he has promised to simultaneously complete the other 5 chairs.
While some friends were visiting a few weeks ago, I asked Kenny to hold up this light fixture in the dining room (where there used to be a recessed light) so we could see if it would work. He started installing it, and though I feared it was a bit rude to install light fixtures while you have friends over, I did not stop him for fear it would otherwise never get done. A good six or so years ago, Megan, Molly and I took a trip to Chicago at the beginning of winter break in college. We made the pilgrimage to Ikea and bought everything in site. I thought my mom might like this lovely light fixture. I was wrong.

It makes our dining room much more dining room like and cozy I think. I'm hoping we will finish up some major projects this weekend ahead of our next wave of visitors/travels, and I'll try to do a before and after thing for all of the rooms.
And for the sake of consistency, here is this week's (21) belly picture. I never know what to do with my hands.


Molly said...

Wow, you still have the lamp from that trip! Ah the days when IKEA elicited that much excitement.

I like the pictures on the belly--it gives a good frame of reference for the increasing bellyage.

And very cute dress--not plum!

Molly said...

I meant hands on the belly.

Judy said...

I am glad the light you gave me found a home. I like the chair coverings, I love your belly and your caterpillar look. Even though your head is wet in the morning, you should let kenny get the whole you because someday, your child will want to know what you, your face, looked like when it was inside of you. love you...moma

Mary said...

My son does good work, both with you chairs and the belly!!!!

Kate said...

I really like the chair fabric that you selected. In fact, I have a puffer vest made out of the same material . . .